23 abril, 2008

Sant Jordi

Este año, la rosa de Sant Jordi viene en papel. Y en Acuarela y Acrílico.


Saint George

This year, the rose of Saint George comes in paper*. And with watercolor and acrylics.

*Spanish Traditions tip of the day!
In Catalonia, it's tradition to give a rose to the beloved women in your life, commemorating the legend of Saint George, who defeated a Dragon, saving her princess from its claws. The blood of that dragon became a red rose, which SG gave to her as a gift and proof of love.
Also, women give books to men, commemorating the birth death of Cervantes and Shakespeare.

20 abril, 2008

Aayla (otra vez)

Es uno de mis personajes favoritos de Star Wars...


Aayla (again)

She's one of my favourite characters in Star Wars...

13 abril, 2008

Doble práctica

Práctica doble: del dibujo personas (especialmente chicas) mirando a la derecha, y de los trazos de pincel.


Double practice.

Drawing people –specially girls– looking right, and cleaning up with brush

03 abril, 2008


Un moderno

Primera intentona con rotuladores (Tombow, Prismacolor y TRIA)



A modern boy

First attempt with markers (Tombow, Prismacolor & TRIA)