04 mayo, 2008

More George Liquors

In first place, I'd like to thank John K his comment and his visit to my blog. A honor.

Now, with George.

I really don't know if i'm progressing or not.

A question for John: Shoud I redraw everything until I get the correct proportions?


I'll post some more shortly. Now I have to wash the dishes.

George Liquors

I'm trying it:

I oversize some parts...

Seems it gets better with practice...

Damnit! I'm having fun with these!!

And I bet I'm learning, too!

Thanks, John K!

03 mayo, 2008


Cada día me gusta más el asunto de los rotuladores.
En este caso, boceto de 5 min. con Pitt para la línea, Prismacolor el señor, y chartpak el exterior.


Everyday I love markers more and more.
Here, a 5 min sketch using Pitt for the lines, Prismacolor in the man, and Chartpak sorrounding him.